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Our team of photographers is dedicated to communicating your vision through exceptional images. We have the facilities, experience, and talent to make your next shoot remarkable though our outstanding commercial photography skills.

Our Commercial Photography Experience

We are intently focused on creating the perfect image, whether originating from one of our many studios, or the ideal location shoot. Behind the lens, it is our artists, creatives and stylists who work side by side with clients to build and curate the perfect environment and get it right on camera. With the full support of our skilled retouching studio, we make sure every image reaches its full potential.

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Come check out our customized studios, meet our talented people, see our amazing work and begin to understand why our clients tell us they feel like family here at EclipseCorp. We’re here to help, and we strive to elevate our clients’ brands every day.


From TV commercials to internal promotional videos, we offer top-notch shooting, editing and production services. Our four studios, off-site capabilities and experienced videography team – including stylists, photographers, producers, editors and creative professionals – can turn any concept into an incredible video sure to impress even the most discerning clients.

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Digital Retouching

Whether your photos need minor adjustments or a major overhaul, we have the expertise and the technology to get them looking exactly as you’ve imagined. Check out our in-house digital retouching services, including:

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  • Color correction
  • Color proofing
  • Image creation and manipulation
  • Content generation
  • Certified printing
  • Digital pre-press

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Our Photo Studios

Our four studios at EclipseCorp add up to 15,000 square feet of space for shooting. In addition, we have a total of 56,000 square feet for inventory management, prop storage and, if needed, to accommodate large room sets.

Daylight Studio

With huge windows and clear loading doors, our Daylight Studio is flooded with as much natural light as possible, avoiding the problems that come with uncooperative weather. We also put in light-controlling screen systems to replicate natural light on cloudy days, making the perfect environment for anything from high-end portrait work to indoor picnics.

Studio Features Include:

  • Fully functioning on-site kitchen
  • Commercial-grade food storage
  • 5,400 square feet of space
  • 14’ tall window bays
  • Controlled window screening
  • Transparent 18’ load-in bay doors

CYC Wall Studio

Our cyclorama wall is unique in the central Ohio area due to both its overall size and its accessibility for the loading of large items, making it perfect for clients who need more space. We’ve shot it all in this space, from high fashion to full-size cargo containers, and the large floor plan offers ample space for stylists, photographers, and creative directors to make the most of their time and creative talents.

Studio Highlights Include:

  • 7,000 square feet of space
  • 65’ long, 21’ tall corner cyc wall
  • 18’ loading doors
  • Talent dressing rooms
  • 100% control over light

Wet Studio

Need a versatile studio space to meet even the most challenging of client requests?  How about a “rainy day” shoot.  Or a set featuring live sod for a world-wide fertilizer manufacturer.  We have done it all in this studio.

Studio Highlights Include:

  • 6,500 square feet of space
  • 2 semi-truck docks for easy offload
  • Controlled inventory space
  • Flexible set arrangments
  • Full drainage capabilities for wet/dry shoots

Video Interview Studio

If someone is uncomfortable in front of the camera, you’re bound to see it in the finished product. That’s where our interview studio comes into play. We’ve created a quiet space that can be visually tailored to fit your needs while always giving the feeling of security and comfort that helps subjects maintain an authentic demeanor.

Studio Highlights Include:

  • Green screen compliance
  • 100% control over light
  • Client comfort-centered design
  • Strong sound control

eCommerce Product Photography Studio

With dedicated inventory control methods and on-site digital techs and assistants, our ecommerce studio is well equipped to receive your product, shot at the highest quality and delivered right back to you. Our services come complete with access to digital previews and remote file management, as well as direct access to the team working on your project, offering higher quality and volume in expedient turnaround times.


  • 12,000 square feet of space
  • 2 semi truck docks
  • Flexible station arrangements
  • Controlled inventory space

More On Our Studios

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