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So you’ve strategized your brand, and you’ve designed a look… How do you show it to the world? We can help.

EclipseCorp offers a full range of project planning and post-fabrication services. We’re here to help ensure that your brand standards are held in the highest of regards as the environment your branding lives in is taken into account.

We’re a one-stop, 100% certified, no worries solution to all of your on-location needs. Ask any one of the several national retail brands that we service - when you need it done right and want it right now, we’re structured to serve. From our 3M certification to the countless years our installation team has been professionally offering their services, EclipseCorp strives to be the right choice, right now.

Still not sure? As you look for a partner to help, just ask them if they self install or if they coordinate print installation. All of our installers are full time EclipseCorp employees - no temps, no local providers, and no worrying about who will show up at your location. We guarantee it.




Services Include:

  1. 3M Certified Installation
  2. Project Management
  3. Location Survey
  4. Pre-Fab Measurements
  5. Material Optimization