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large format fulfillment - printing, shipping and installation

When it comes to shipping, our staff are pros. Our goal is to deliver it on time while ensuring that it’s packaged with thought and care so it arrives to your location looking as good as the moment it left press.

EclipseCorp does a lot more than just ship what we make. We’re poised to provide a complete gamut of services for shipping. From custom kit packing, to receiving your project in bulk, to blind shipping to multiple locations, we’re here to fulfill whatever your project needs… from one location to hundreds.

We’ve done it all - from red carpets coordinated for simultaneous event launches to responsive shipments for black Friday sales, no project is too large or unusual for our team to handle.




Services Include:

  1. Kit Packing
  2. Blind Shipping
  3. Repack/Split Packing
  4. Direct Distribution