Streamline Design with Grand Format 3D Printing

Our cutting-edge grand format 3D printing technology brings branding into a whole new dimension. We can create eye-popping retail displays, prototypes and a myriad of super-sized assets to ignite your brand.

Re-printing the Rules of the Game

3D tools can be utilized at multiple stages of a product’s journey. Cutting-edge 3D processes are revolutionizing design, rapid prototyping, production and marketing. Advantages of smart use of the technology include:

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  • Quicker production of prototypes to respond to market needs
  • Reduced timeline of the design process by as much as two-thirds
  • Greater flexibility for modification and experimentation in design
  • Minimal limitations on size, with large-scale printing being able to create pieces up to 5’9” high, 4’9” wide and 3’9” deep
  • The capacity for connectivity in printed pieces, so they can be put together to create huge items such as set backgrounds
  • Reduced costs and manufacturing challenges.

3D Rendering

In addition to standard photos, we also specialize in renderings to illustrate buildings and other structures that are still in the planning stages. We’ll take all the necessary materials, dimensions and specifications and put together something that perfectly represents the concept you have in mind, with help from our substantial array of visual elements.

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3D Prototyping

We offer a number of high-tech 3D printing processes to accommodate rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. 3D prototyping creates a scale model of a physical piece, and can easily be modified to create additional prototypes. Our prototyping technologies include:

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  • Thermoforming: Molding a heated sheet of plastic into a 3D shape, then trimming it into a finished fabrication, making mass production easy.
  • Rotocasting: Infusing plastic resin into a heated hollow mold as it’s rotated for a perfect finished piece.

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Custom ADA Signage

Part of remaining ADA compliant is making sure your signage meets all the relevant requirements. At EclipseCorp, we can help get you there. We can create custom ADA compliant signs, offering raised lettering and braille characters that meet all of the necessary specifications. And we can get them to you fast, with a specially engineered workflow that keeps us on schedule at all times.

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Uses of 3D Printing

Take your brand to the next dimension with grand format 3D printing. Check out the list below to see more detail on some of the uses and benefits of 3D printing, including:

Creative Uses of 3D Printing

  • Retail space design
  • 2D/3D printing combinations for one-of-a-kind prints
  • Unique product launches
  • POP displays
  • Standout displays for events
  • Digital signage
  • Film and video props