daylight studio

Often you need something more than just studio lighting, but the numerous variables with weather can seriously hinder the timing of your photo shoot. So we Brought the outdoors in. With huge windows, and clear loading doors, we have flooded this space with as much natural light as possible. After we knew we had all we could get, we put in light controlling screen systems to make that lighting repeatable. From high end portrait work, to creating an indoor picnic, you just can’t beat our Daylight Studio.

This space also features a food shoot’s dream: a full functioning on suite kitchen, including commercial grade food storage. Stylist love our spacious prep space, and so will you. We’re set to make everything about your food project better than you ever thought possible.

Studio Features

  1. 14' tall window bays
  2. Controlled window screening
  3. 5,400 square feet
  4. Clear 18' load in bay doors
  5. Full functioning on-suite kitchen