oversized cornerless cyc wall studio

When we designed this space, we heard one common statement from our photography clients: “If only we had a little more space.” We listened. Our Cyc studio is unique in the area due not only to its overall size, but its accessibility for load in of large items. We’ve shot it all in this space, from high fashion to full size cargo containers. We have the space you need need to execute the images you want.

Oftentimes, we find clients utilize this space in a very modular way, setting multiple table top sets. Due to the large floor plan, there is ample space for stylist to prep, photographers to place sets, and creative directors to lead, all in a single space engineered for maximum creativity and productivity.

Studio Features:

  1. 65' long, 21' tall corner cyc wall
  2. 7,000 square feet
  3. 18' load in doors
  4. Talent dressing rooms
  5. 100% light controlled space