EclipseCorp has four separate studios spanning 15,000 square feet of space, along with 56,000 square feet to accommodate large room sets, inventory management, and prop storage.


Our team of photographers and videographers are dedicated to igniting your great ideas through exceptional images. We have the facilities, experience, and the talent to make your next shoot remarkable.


Case Study - Big Lots

Learn about how EclipseCorp worked with Big Lots during the launch of a new housewares product line. Big Lots new brand was empowered with a new brand and product strategy partnered with eye-catching photography that lead to a successful launch and award-winning packaging. Click to get the full story.

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Everything we do stems from a single idea: great images start in the studio. From the artists behind the lens, to the creatives working side by side clients, to the stylists building the environment, we seek to get it right on camera. We believe in using post-production services to make great images unbelievable instead of making poor images “acceptable”. Come check out our spaces, meet our people, see our work, and begin to understand why our clients tell us they feel like it’s family here at EclipseCorp. We’re here to help, and we strive to ignite our client’s brands through images every day.