Grand Format 3D Printing

3D tools can be utilized at multiple stages of a product’s journey. From design and rapid prototyping, to production, and in sales and marketing, 3D printing is re-printing the rules of the game.

3D technology allows prototypes to be produced more quickly than ever before, enabling them to be more responsive to market needs. This indispensable technology can reduce the timeline of the design process by as much as two-thirds while also increasing the potential for modification and experimentation. The net result: products made with greater precision, efficiency, and quality.

3D printing is easier, cheaper, and faster than traditional manufacturing a one-of-a-kind prop. Size is not a limitation. The revolutionary technology for large-scale 3D printing can create pieces up to 5’9” high, 4’9” wide and 3’9” deep. And because these pieces can be created to connect together, there is virtually no limit to how large of a piece could be created, allowing for set backgrounds as well.

It's time to take your brand to the next dimension with 3D printing! 


1. Retail Space Design

2. Combination of 2D and 3D printing for one-of-a-kind prints.

3. Unique Product Launches. 

4. POP Displays.

5. Entertaining, Standout Displays for Events. 

6. Digital Signage.