From retouching to color correction and pre-press, your images are our passion.

Case Study - Working with neon colors in CMYK

Working within the CMYK color space can be very limiting for some brands. The brighter the colors, the more disappointing the results. Our color conversion techniques help prepare bright saturated colors for printing in CMYK. Find out how we keep out of gamut colors looking their best in print.


The Services

Retouching & Compositing
color management services

Never compromise on your vision. Our retouching capabilities can turn your vision into reality.

Color Proofing
gracol color proofing services

No guesswork - see exactly how your images will look in print, and make adjustments accordingly.

Color Management
photo retouching and compositing services

True accuracy - Our dedication to color ensures consistent color and
accurate skin tones.

Digital Pre-Press

Let EclipseCorp prepare your files for press so you can deliver them with total confidence.




Do you remember Photoshop v1.0? We do. For over 15 years, EclipseCorp has been serving the creative community with our digital services. From color management, pre-press & layout, to high end retouching & image generation, we’ve done it all. Our skilled team of retouchers take great pride in really understanding what you want from your images, and bringing them to life using the most up to date and leading edge processes available.

We’re not just good at it either, we’re certified. Our Digital Services division is both GRACol and SWOP certified, ensuring that the spectacular results we go to lengths to create for you shine through in your end product, regardless of where it’s being produced.

Not sure what you really need? Let’s talk about it. Each retoucher at EclipseCorp is a full time employee. We’re not sending your work overseas, and we’re not putting freelancers on your project. The person who is putting pen to tablet for your work is always just a phone call away. We’re invested in making your images everything you want them to be. From dropped to white, or full blown digital creation, we’re here to help.

ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers

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AAF - American Advertising Federation

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EO - Entrepreneur's Organization
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