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Eclipsecorp: Producing Custom Accessible Signage

Posted by EclipseCorp on May 10, 2018 4:21:49 PM


Gahanna, OH, May 3, 2018—  The Americans with Disability Act, or ADA, set several standards for accessible signage. While failure to meet ADA requirements can result in stiff financial penalties for your company, the real harm is dealt to people who rely on braille for navigation. To provide a quality experience for everyone, all directional signage should meet ADA specifications.  We make sure it does. 

We have invested in the latest technology, allowing us to produce custom pieces that adhere to every ADA specification. Our newest printer streamlines the process of adding raised lettering and braille to signage. The result…our printed pieces are fully compliant and provide the highest level of accessibility.

ADA compliant signage no longer needs to be purely navigational. Our design and printing specialists work closely with companies to create signage tailored to the unique needs of each individual brand. As a result, companies can maintain a branded presence throughout their environment. Appealing to both sight and touch, custom signage will enhance your environment and provide complete accessibility to all. 

EclipseCorp is helping local and nationwide businesses improve their environments while ensuring all accessibility needs are met.

EclipseCorp is a creative services company. Our purpose is to ignite brands through images. With divisions specializing in design, photography, video, retouching, pre-press, grand format printing, grand format 3D printing, and ADA compliance…we are here to take your brand to the next level.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Scott Wolfe at (614) 626-8536, or swolfe@eclipse-corp.com.

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