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"Who" Hair Accessories

Posted by EclipseCorp on Dec 1, 2010 8:29:00 AM


Now once you have the “Who” hair, it is all about the accessories.

Jaclyn is wearing a headband with a leaf arrangement glued to it and her hair braided. The braid is being shaped with a coat hanger so it flips up and off to the side.

Brad has on a whimsical tall hat!


Here you see Damon festive with reindeer antlers, and Paul wearing an entire string of Christmas rope lights as a hat!


Ashley added a gigantic bow to the top of her head, while Jane put on a headband with a teapot glued to it. If you look close you will see Ashley pouring a hot pot of coffee into the teacup atop Jane’ head!

Headbands with teacups and leaves, ribbons, packages, boxes and flair!!

Anything went when it came to creating whimsical "Who” hair!