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How we Enhanced Sweet Carrot's Restaurant Interior

Posted by EclipseCorp on Feb 21, 2018 3:02:37 PM

For their new Polaris location, Sweet Carrot was looking to create a memorable restaurant space that reflects its fresh take on comfort food. They wanted to bring the same playful and attention-grabbing interior of their Grandview location.
Sweet Carrot Printing

One of the main appeals of comfort food is its nostalgia. Eating mac and cheese, brisket, or meatballs can bring about fond memories of childhood. For its Polaris location, Sweet Carrot chose a travel theme to enhance its lighthearted, down-to-earth atmosphere. The new location even features a miniature airport terminal.

Sweet Carrot Printing Airport Terminal

We printed their designs to match the comfortable, feel-good theme of Sweet Carrot's menu offerings. To build on the nostalgic feel, Sweet Carrot decided they wanted a giant version of a balsa wood airplane hanging from the ceiling as the centerpiece for their new restaurant.


EclipseCorp was tasked with both designing and building this plane. For the decals, our creative services team designed the plane's dye line to give it a retro appeal. Then, two prototypes were created from PVC and the artwork was added.


 The full model, made with 3/4 inch maple plywood, has a 7 foot wingspan. We printed the decals with our Vutek 3250LX printer. For a bold, opaque finish, we used CMYK ink and a technique called "spot white" that involves printing over a white base layer. It was then routed on a CNC machine.

_MG_6126_RT copy.jpg 

We hung the plane in the new restaurant using aircraft cable and Kinter K-Rize mounts. EclipseCorp was able to build a memorable centerpiece for Sweet Carrot, helping the restaurant attract customers and strengthen its brand.

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