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Revitalizing Company Retreat

Posted by EclipseCorp on Mar 20, 2012 4:04:00 PM


The three companies here at 825 Taylor Road have been going through a gradual change and this past Tuesday, we all met for an all day retreat to kick off the beginning of our new corporate culture.

The meeting began with a “one word open”. For this, we went around the room & everyone gave one word to describe how they were feeling. We got “tired”, “anxious”, “nervous”, “curious”, and a few “goods”.

Then we discussed the importance of culture. How do we see our culture? How do our clients / vendors currently see our culture? How do we want them to see our culture? What do we need to do to bridge any gaps?

Any group is only as strong as it’s weakest link. We continued by “looking in the mirror”. Each division discussed their strengths and weaknesses (as seen from the inside by employees, AND as seen from the outside by their peers and clients).

Before breaking off the business section of the meeting, we ended with a “one word close”. As with the opening, we went around the room and each person gave a one word answer to how they were feeling. We now got “excited”, “energized”, “focused”, “ready”, and even a “WOW”!

The entire day was not all business. We finished out the evening at KDB located within Easton Town Center, where we participated in team building activities and a general good time! For pictures of that part of the day check out our Facebook album.

It was a successful day of reflection, and we here at EclipseCorp are excited for the changes happening both internally and externally!

Recommended reading if you are planning a similar event:
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