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6 Ways Grand Format 3D Printing can Transform your Brand

Posted by EclipseCorp on Jan 31, 2018 3:47:55 PM

With the capability to quickly produce larger-than-life high quality models using 3D pieces, you can add a new dimension to your marketing!

1) Unique Product Launches

 Large Format 3D Printed Screwdriver

Maximize the impact of a new product launch by 3D printing an oversized prototype of your product. 3D technology allows prototypes to be produced faster than ever before, enabling a quicker response to market needs.

3D capabilities can reduce the timeline of the design process by as much as two-thirds while also increasing the potential for modification and experimentation. The net result: remarkable prototypes made with greater precision, efficiency, and quality.

2) Point of Purchase Displays

Grand format 3D printed flamingo

Grand-format 3D printing offers endless possibilities for retail and design promotions. It allows retailers to create oversized eye-catching window displays as well as point of purchase and visual merchandising that will transform their environment and better engage customers.

3) Entertaining, Stand-out displays for events

Large Format 3d printed shoe

Advancements in 3D technology allow for the flexibility to unlock huge new creative opportunities and generate attention grabbing displays and centerpieces for exhibitions and events. Make your exhibit space stand out with large 3D-printed displays limited only by your imagination!

4) Retail space design

Grand Format 3D printed shelf

Stand out from the competition by creating custom displays found nowhere else. Without size limitations, you can create in-store displays that tower over the competition! Grand-format 3D printing gives you the ability to transform any idea into an eye-catching reality. 

5) Combination of 2D and 3D printing for one of a kind prints

Large Format 3D printed bus

Creating graphics that include both 2D and 3D will create memorable images to better engage with audiences.  The possibilities are virtually endless - from vehicle wraps with portions of the image in 3D, to billboards, to large environmental graphics.

6) Large Digital signage

Grand Format 3D print bus

Digital signage is all the rage, and 3D digital signage takes it to the next level. By integrating screens into large 3D printed housings, digital signage can better catch the attention of a passersby and build powerful brand awareness.

3D advertising is sure to make a lasting impression, giving your brand significantly more staying power than 2D advertising. By employing 3D printing, you can take your advertising to new heights.

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