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How to Create "Who" Hair and a "Who" Smile

Posted by EclipseCorp on Nov 30, 2010 8:38:00 AM


Eclipse Studios, Solar Imaging and PageOne Productions celebrated the holidays this year by transforming themselves into “Who’s”. Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we transformed a corporate office into a children’s story book. Everything from the curvy table, which we built, to the eating utensils, anything but the traditional spoon, knife and fork, mimicked the whimsical story of the “Who’s”.

It was important to not only act the part but to look the part as well. So how does one transform themselves into a “Who”, lets start with the HAIR!

Aside from placing things on, in and around our hair, some of us twisted and braided our own hair to create the fabulous “Who” hair. For my hair I stacked two small plastic cups on my head then gathered the hair up and around the cups. Tied it off with a pony tail holder at the top. You will also notice it accented with little packages, but we will get to the fun accessories later!


For this image, Jane is wearing a curly brown wig set into two braids tied off with red ribbons.

Ashley braided her hair around a coat hanger which she bent to comfortably fit the shape of her head. This allowed her ends to stand out straight!

Sandra, in this last picture, is wearing a traditional Cindy Lou Who wig.


The bigger and sillier the hair the better!

It was also important to capture that famous “Who” smile. For this, some of us placed marshmallows under our top lip to push it out giving a more exaggerated smile. Joel, in the first picture, has a great “Who” smile as well as John in the last picture. Others resorted to cotton balls, as the marshmallows did melt rather quickly!

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