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How we Created our Booth for GlobalShop 2018

Posted by EclipseCorp on Apr 5, 2018 3:43:00 PM

From concept to final product, we designed our booth to showcase what we can do with our creative services. From design and 3D rendering, to grand format 3D printing, to finishing and installation, we created our booth entirely from scratch.

We wanted the theme of our exhibit to convey the value of grand format 3D printing in a unique way. From our ability to create remarkable objects, we knew we could design pieces that both captivate attendees and demonstrate what we can do. Initially proposed concepts included a spaceship, giant robots, and aliens.

Since grand format 3D printing can supersize everyday objects, we decided to center our booth around giant versions of small, familiar items.

This theme developed into creating large-scale replicas of the nostalgic Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots toy. These fun and unique pieces showcase the ability of grand format 3D printing to capture people's attention.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.22.37 AM

The robots were designed with Rhinoceros and rendered with KeyShot. The robots were produced in sections: torso, legs and hips, feet, top arms, forearms, and head. The parts were divided according to balance and symmetry, for a more centered object is more stable during fabrication. 

After printing, the parts were sanded, painted with several coats, and then glued together with epoxies and urethane glue.


Our other large 3D piece, a melting bomb pop, was made with similar nostalgia in mind. We 3D printed the main structure and added urethane expanding foam to give the bottom section its melted appearance.


The backdrop of our booth was the perfect opportunity to showcase the variety of 3D printing applications in signage. Our green circular logo was rendered, 3D printed, and finished before we embedded hardware to attach it to the backdrop.

Our 3D letters were made using a channel letter technique. They were fabricated with aluminum and polycarbonate, with templates, jigs, and rivets employed to join it all together. The finished product was then backlit with LED modules.


Not everything we print in grand format 3D is as massive as our robots. To showcase our capabilities for smaller pieces, we rendered, printed, and finished a small yet detailed crow sculpture and several oversized soda bottles.

Since unfinished 3D printed material is a great diffuser for light, we also printed a fully functional lamp.


All of our pieces came together to create an engaging booth that demonstrates the possibilities of grand format 3D printing.   

Topics: Digital Services, Grand Format 3D Printing, Design

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