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E-Commerce Solutions - Background Choices

Posted by EclipseCorp on Aug 17, 2015 9:06:36 AM


The ultimate e-commerce goal is to convert online browsers into online buyers.

Does your photography make your product look appealing enough for the customer to buy?  Sometimes, the biggest difference is simply the background that you choose. Your product should be what is noticed not the background.

The options for backgrounds are endless. The best advice for e-commerce backgrounds is to simply keep it neutral and avoid too much pattern or color in your background. White (either matte or gloss) is the most common background for e-commerce images. If your product is light colored, you may want to consider a grey or a black so that the product stands out and does not blend into the background.  If you choose to use a pattern in the background keep it subtle!  A wood panel or linen fabric offer a subtle texture without being overwhelming.

Here are just a few websites with examples of different backgrounds:

Bang & Olufsen is an example of e-commerce product photography using a clean white background.  It is worth noting that they also include an image of each item in a lifestyle setting.

Neiman Marcus uses a light grey background to showcase their product.

Victorinox uses a black background on the product landing page and then a white background for the individual product and detail pages. The website is also notable for its great examples of selective focusing and dramatic lighting.

Nike is an excellent example of a neutral textured background. The white painted brick wall does not detract from the image but simply gives the image some added interest.

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is another example of a neutral textured background. The backgrounds in all of the landing page images are white, but with subtle textures that do not detract from their product.

Let us know if you find other websites with excellent background choices! We would love to hear about what you find!

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