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How to make your eCommerce photography stand out!

Posted by EclipseCorp on Feb 16, 2018 11:21:55 AM

As we all know, online shopping is more popular today than ever before. A sharp increase in both online resources and consumer convenience has resulted in unprecedented demand for eCommerce.

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With the abundance of online sites and consumer needs, eCommerce photography plays a large role in the success of a fashion brand. Shopping for apparel online usually relies heavily on imagery. A customer searches for how a garment fits, what it looks like outfitted, and the colors it's available in.

All this visual information can be accessible in just a few clicks. As a result, photography has become crucial for effective ecommerce. With so many online options, photography is one of the key tools in helping an online site stand out amongst its competition. 

How can photography help an online site stand out? It's simple: blur the line between ecommerce and editorial photography. In the past, ecommerce photography usually involved white backgrounds, even lighting, and simple model poses. The focus was almost solely on representing the product. However, with overwhelming competition, it became increasingly important to stand out amongst the rest. 
To gain a competitive edge, traditional methods of shooting for e-comm can be adapted into a hybrid style of photography. This style ties together editorial aesthetics while still maintaining visual needs for the online consumer. By allowing more flexibility in backgrounds, lighting, and poses, an online site can creatively establish a visual branding that can better relate to its core consumer demographic. 
The model and product can be shot within an environment, the lighting can be modified to create a mood, and the poses can be more energetic. By incorporating these changes, an online company can both creatively and visually stand out through its imagery while also providing the consumer audience the necessary product information to sell the merchandise.  
The imagery above, shot by EclipseCorp, is an example of this hybrid style. The images are shot on a partially vignetted background, the lighting is contrasted in order to create a mood, and the models are either freely moving around the frame or the angles and compositions are unique to the usual ecommerce standard, which helps to establish a sense of energy in the shots. 
The product is styled in a creative manner without taking away from the necessary information an online consumer relies on for purchasing needs. Together, these factors create a visual story that fulfills both the editorial and ecommerce guidelines. Effectively blending ecommerce and editorial photography will lend a hand in helping a brand stand out among heavy competition.

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