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Color Management - After the Photoshoot

Posted by EclipseCorp on Feb 12, 2014 3:31:00 PM


In concept, color management is simple. From capture, to web (or print), your image should look the same. No changes in color, contrast, or shadow detail. In practice, color management is anything but simple. At EclipseCorp, every stage of your digital photography workflow is color managed. The process starts with the photoshoot (see previous blog for color management tips during the photo shoot). Managing color after the photoshoot is an equally important part of the process.

Calibrate Monitors

Using a calibration software, calibrate your monitor and determine a profile that ensures your screen is accurately displaying color.

Eliminate Environmental Variables

Creating a viewing environment with neutral lighting and eliminating elements that could reflect color into your screen. 

Use of Color Profiles

Setting your camera’s ICC profile consistent with your RAW file processing software will maintain color information when processing out your files.

Product Match

When possible, have the actual product on hand to compare and correct the color on screen to the color in hand.

Saving for Web Use

Within Photoshop you can convert your file to sRGB, since that is the profile web browsers support, to make sure your color is going to be seen as accurately as possible.

For Print

Within Photoshop, before color correcting your file, convert your file to CMYK, the 4 colors printers use for ink. This will create a consistent result from screen to print.

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