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Baby You're a Firework: Let Us Show You How

Posted by EclipseCorp on Jul 3, 2015 2:12:00 PM

behind-the-scenes-blogHeavy Whipping Cream Fireworks?

This was a fun project full of cool surprises and solving problems, from finding a container to removing bubbles. Watch this “Behind the Scenes” video to see how we created these “Fireworks” and read below for tips and things we learned in the process.

The Perfect Container

We were on a quest to find the perfect container for this video project. It needed to be clear glass with flat sides so we could video through the glass. It needed to be big enough to drop the colored whipped cream and create movement with the liquid. But it needed to be small enough so that it would not be extremely heavy when filled with water and so that it would not take an extremely long time to refill. We tried a square flower vase but that was too small and the glass was not clear enough. We tried a fish tank but that was too big and too heavy. We finally found the perfect container at Crate & Barrel.

The Liquid Supplies

Once we had the container, we gathered the liquid supplies: a liquid syringe, a small sauce cup, food coloring, half & half, and heavy whipping cream. We weren’t sure if it was better to use the liquid syringe or a small sauce cup. So we tested both & preferred the effect created with the small sauce cup. We also tested whether half & half or heavy whipping cream work better. Using a a small glass, we tried both and preferred the heavy whipping cream because it was more dense. After experimenting with the food coloring, we determined that by adding just drops of food coloring and not stirring it together, we achieved different variances in color.

The Video Process

As we began filming, we quickly learned that we were getting too much reflection of ourselves in the glass. The solution we came up with was to use a giant black board with a whole cut out for the lens of the camera. Our next step in the process was to deal with bubbles sticking to the sides of the glass. The best solution we came up with was to use a straw, and slowly scrape the bubbles off the inside of the glass. Time consuming?  Yes – definitely! But it worked.

The camera needed to be focused before the heavy whipping cream was poured into the water. To achieve this, we used the same straw that was used to scrape the bubbles from the glass, and held it in the middle of the water while manually focusing the camera on the straw.  Our final adjustment in the filming process was to shoot vertically, rather than horizontally, to give us more pixels to work with.

The Editing Process

The heavy whipping cream being the color white played a big role because we could do two things with it in post. First, the white was converted to different colors using Video Copilot Vibrance plugin in After Effects.

Second, we used drops of food coloring and then enhanced the colors by using a Curves Adjustment and manipulating the individual Red, Blue, and Green curves channels and adding the normal Vibrance plugin within After Effects. We found that it mattered what order you used the curves and vibrance effect. Some work better curves then vibrance and others vise versa.

When we did this portfolio piece we didn’t have the idea of making them look like fireworks. That thought came in post when we rotated one and saw what it looked like shooting upward.


The Take-Away

The biggest thing we learned is just go for it and experiment with ideas. You never know what creativity will bring until you try.

This was an internal project done as a portfolio piece for EclipseCorp. Imagine what we could create to help brand your product or service! To see more of our work, go to the portfolio section of our website.

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